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Features auto-moderation, invite tracking, moderation, giveaway and many more!

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What RILP BOT has to offer


RILP BOT can be used to kick, ban, mute, warn, unwarn members in your server. Also you can use purge to delete 1000 of unwanted messages from a channel at one go. So handling your server has been made easy and the moderation offers you a detailed result of moderation activity in the mod logs, so that you keep track of all the moderation command that has been used by MODS or ADMINS or other staffs in your server.

Invite Tracking

RILP BOT has the most advance invite tracking, that helps you to track invite count of users, it shows how many users has joined using that user's invite, how many left and how many are fake. So if you promote your staffs for their invites, or use invite check for other server events, then RILP BOT is best for you, because it has the best invite tracking on discord.


Tired of welcoming everyone who joins to your server. Or did you ever wish you could customize the message Discord sends when someone joins the server?
Use RILP BOT announcement that helps you to make a fully customised welcome message and leave message along with a image of your own choice for your server. RILP BOT also offers auto role that adds role(s) to the newly joined users.


Logging is a very useful thing for big servers and checking audit logs everytime can be tedious. So now you can check all the activities happening on your server using RILP BOT LOGGING and setting the logging channels are very easy. So set the logging channels and moderate your server easily without giving your staff AUDIT LOG Permissions.





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